Construct Tomorrow builds up the trades
Organizers share hands-on construction experience with students

The goal of the program is to provide information about apprenticeship career training and opportunities in the construction industry.

In the first three events, the group has provided hands-on activities in 18 trades to more than 1,000 students. The team is comprised of staff from DLI, apprenticeship coordinators, prime and sub-contractors and local educators.

2017 Construct Tomorrow Schedule of Events 

  • 11/08/2017 | St. Paul | Harriet Island Pavillion

2018 Upcoming Events 

  • 1/16/2018 | St. Cloud | SCSU Field House
  • 2/22/2018 | Hinckley | Hinckley Event Center
  • 3/27 & 28/2018 | Duluth | DECC
  • 4/2018 | Twin Cities | TBA
  • 4/2018 | Rochester | TBA 

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Construct Tomorrow
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Construct Tomorrow Coordinator – Independent Contractor

Success in the New Economy
Understanding the misalignment of education and our workforce needs. This is a short film about the cost of traditional college, the shortage of skilled trades workers and the wage differences of college graduates verses trades school graduates.

You are a high school student.  Maybe you are close to graduation.  You are trying to figure out what kind of career you should pick.  You know you need training, but what kind?  Where should you go?  How much does it cost?

The Construct Tomorrow team is thinking about you too.  We are a group of construction trades trainers (skilled teachers that show you how to be an electrician, plumber or carpenter) and contractors (the business that build things).   We want you to think about a career in the construction industry.  We want you to build bridges, roads, stadiums, houses, malls, hospitals and more.  We are looking for people who want to work hard every day and make great money and love what they do.

The Construct Tomorrow Team hosts events to show you all the different types of career training that the Building Trades has to offer.  It’s hard to make a clear decision about a career in the trades by listening to someone talk or reading about it.   Construct Tomorrow events gives you a chance to roll up your sleeves and trowel cement, wire circuits, set tile and more! Learn about the amazing 16 kinds of careers available and the system of apprenticeship training (paid on-the-job-training).

How do you know if a career in the building trades is right for you unless you have a chance to try it out?

Learn about union apprenticeship training programs that pay you to learn a construction career that has a good pay, great benefits, and no expensive college costs.

Published on Dec 13, 2012
The Labor Education Service and the Apprenticeship Coordinators Association of Minnesota produced this video to promote recruitment to the apprenticeship programs of various trades in Minnesota.

Construct Tomorrow: Building Students’ Futures Through the Trades
More than 600 Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) high school students received a hands-on introduction to construction jobs from painters, plumbers,electricians and other professionals during the Construct Tomorrow job fair.

SPPS students recognized at MN Trades Academy celebration

CT Board Nomination

Construct Tomorrow is taking applications for their Board of Directors. We are looking to fill positions in these area; Education, Union (JATC) and contractors. We may also have a government position to fill soon.  Download application

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ALL UNIONS: I would like to thank you all for coming yesterday, to Construct Tomorrow, I had a great time working on new things.  Also, I would like to thank you for bringing us a new found knowledge/outlook about the trades.

For all those that took the time out of your day to visit,  the event made a real difference for those like me.  Thank you.

Shawntice Hester and Josh

Students, Roosevelt High School

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