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Construct Tomorrow: About Us

Over 18 Students (Hispanic/Latino or not Hispanic/Latino

The Team

Construct Tomorrow is a collective of apprenticeship skills instructors, prime and sub-contractors, government representatives from labor and workforce development and youth educators.


The mission of our program is to make students aware of apprenticeship training opportunities and careers in the construction industry.

What We Do

The Construct Tomorrow team brings representatives from multiple trades to a site designated by our host. This could be a school gym or community center etc. The trades trainers provide hands-on experiences for the students who get to work side-by-side with apprentices and journey-level workers to wire circuits, trowel cement, set tile and much more. At the conclusion of the event, the students participate in an exit survey to gauge their level of interest in some or all of the trades. The Construct Tomorrow team endeavors to connect these students with more information and experiences to help create a pathway into apprenticeship.

When We Do It

The Construct Tomorrow team hosts six event per year in the Twin Cities Metro area and also in greater Minnesota. Since October of 2013, the CT team has provided hands-on trades experiences to over 2,200 students.

Contact Us

You can also email us at ConstructTomorrow@gmail.com.  Also visit constructioncareers.org for more information on jobs in the construction field!

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