Construct Tomorrow builds up the trades
Organizers share hands-on construction experience with students

Construct Tomorrow: For Students

You have lots of questions about your future.

Most adults tell you to go to college.

  • You wonder, what should I study?
  • How will I pay for tuition?
  • Will there be a job for me when I’m done?

And be honest, are you really excited about four more years of books, tests and papers?

If you loved Legos as a kid, assembled models, taking things apart, building forts out of blankets and couch cushions, consider an apprenticeship in the construction trades. There are 25 careers where you get paid to build stadiums, roads, bridges, and houses. Here’s the best part—you won’t go into debt like you would paying for a college education.

• No suits—
• No briefcases—
• No boring meetings—
• Work outdoors instead of watching the world through an office window.

Get a great job with good pay and benefits and say, “I built that!”

Think about a career where you get to build things—stadiums, roads, bridges, houses.

More information at : and on YouTube: Apprenticeship: Building Your Career.

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