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Tips for Volunteers at Construct Tomorrow Events

The goal of a Construct Tomorrow Event is to connect to students and create an awareness of apprenticeship training and careers in the building trades. As a volunteer, you have an important role to help make this a meaningful experience.

Just like everyone else, students need to know what’s going on.
Just like everyone else, students need to know what’s going on. Help them understand what this event is about if they haven’t been properly prepared. Here are some of the key messages: These are career training options for anyone over the age of 18 with a HS diploma and a car. These are careers for people who like to be active and work hard. The average starting wage is $16 per hour. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on college to get a great career with good benefits.

Yes, they are young and don’t always act mature, but they don’t want to be treated like children.
This event may help them shape future career plans. That’s huge! Be interested in the students. Ask questions about what they like to do. Compliment them. Ask for their ideas and comments. Correct behaviors that are not so positive by redirecting them: “Hey, let’s go over here and see what the Iron Workers are doing!”

It’s all about the “now.” Remember, they have short attention spans.
Watch for some non-verbal cues (shrugging shoulders, gloomy tones) and motivate them to find the fun. They love a competition. Challenge them to fill their passports or to see who can complete one of the activities first.

Don’t make assumptions based on their looks. Hands-on learners all look different!
Just remember some of the less-successful looks you sported in high school.

Make it fun. If you’re having fun, they will catch your mood.
Encourage them to take photos and make Construct Tomorrow part of social media.

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