School can be challenging – deciding your future doesn't need to be.

The question of what to do after graduating high school has been on your mind since this adventure began. You have likely heard the words, Go to college, uttered repeatedly by the adults in your life. While it may be sound advice, when the time comes you may still wonder…

  • What will I study?
  • How will I pay tuition?
  • Will there be a job for me when I’m done?
  • What if I’m just not interested in college?
Wanna be a ``Rock`` Star?

If the latter sounds like you, don’t fret – college isn’t for everyone. Maybe you’re the type that would rather be in the world rather than reading about it. Possibly you prefer to make history instead of studying it. Perhaps you are intrigued by the idea of a career where there is –

  • No tuition debt
  • No suit required
  • No need to attend boring meetings
  • No stuffy cubicle to occupy



Sound interesting? Perhaps a career in the Building and Construction trades is the right choice for you.

The Skyscraper is the Limit

Start as a paid apprentice as early as the day after graduation, and build your own career path from there. Stadiums, buildings, roads, bridges, and more, you will be able to say, “I built that!” And with more than 25 careers to choose from, that offer fantastic pay and benefits, there are options abound!
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