Student Events

This subcommittee is a great choice for the person that finds joy in bringing ideas to the real world. The team is comprised of 5-6 members that take charge of the planning and prep work involved in hosting successful Construct Tomorrow events.

Additionally, a couple hours per month are spent meeting with various schools and educators, as well as different venues. There are monthly in-person meetings which can last up to 2 hours. On average, sub-committee members attend at least 3 events per year. No formal commitment required.

For questions or to volunteer for the Student Events Subcommittee, contact


This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for someone with experience in accounting, economics, business or other related fields. This quaint team of 3 is responsible for the creation of initial structural documents such as Article Incur, By-Laws, Fiscal Agent Agreements, and 501(c)(3) filings, accounts payable and receivables, working with our accounting company, and monthly financial reporting to the board. Member meetings are 30-60 minutes per month and generally done via conference call.


For questions or to volunteer for the Finance Subcommittee, contact


Are you a public relations pro? Do you see strangers as friends that you haven’t met? If so, this could be the ideal committee for you! This team of 4-5 individuals is in charge of soliciting volunteers for each event. Responsibilities include keeping volunteers current on event details and directives, setting up tables and signage and, of course, thanking valued volunteers for their participation after each event. Member meetings are done both in person and via conference calls approximately 1-2 hours prior to and at the time of each event.

For questions or to volunteer for the Volunteer Subcommittee, contact


This committee is a great choice for the resourceful person that knows how and where to find funds. Join this team of 4-5 members and help with the development and implementation of the strategy for reaching out to current donors regularly, obtaining new donors, grants, and coming up with additional innovative fundraising options, such as paid events. Work with this subcommittee is organized and completed in phases, requiring volunteers to have a flexible schedule and availability. Development phases are done in person, however, during the implementation stage, meetings may be done via conference call.

For questions or to volunteer for the Fundraising Subcommittee, contact

Marketing and Communications

If you seek a role that utilizes your interesting mix of analytical, organizational, and creative skills, you may find yourself at home with this committee. Our staff of 5-6 volunteers are responsible for the establishment of the Construct Tomorrow marketing plan. Additionally, they ensure the execution of all marketing and communication creatives, including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, posters/flyers, letters, and website content. This team meets in-person approximately 3-4 hours per month. There is no term limit required.

For questions or to volunteer for the Marketing and Communications Subcommittee, contact